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EUREKA RISING! Report from Public Meeting 1 on 11th October 04

19 October 2004

On 11th October at Grainery Lane Theatre, a Community Cultural Development Forum was held to share and explore ideas and approaches for the Eureka Rising Festival. Notes available here.

Eureka Rising! Open Call

Participants were [from CTP]-Kat Pengelly, [from The Lab]-Graham Bird, [from Wendouree PS and present to discuss their drama project]-Carlene Matthews and Dianne Killeen. Ind. Part - Frederick Cheney, Leigh Briody, Ben A Cavender, Stacey, Nic Moll. [and at the end Jack Platt ]

We shared our passionate thoughts and made suggestions about what we could create, support or bring into the Festival - this included welcoming the Wendouree Public Schools years 5 and 6 half hour performance re-enacting the Dawn Walk which will be integrated into the program if all practical issues can be resolved [list made of these]
Over see -as both a chart and a text- the meeting "thoughts record" which we hope you find provocative! My heartfelt thanks to Kat and Nic for the recording. Recording of action plans and agreements/suggestions also occurred and will be carried into PUBLIC MEETING 2 and the WORKSHOPS. Already known to be several additional people in Schools interested...thanks Stacey!

The Eureka Rebellion... What does it mean today?
Notes from the 11th Oct 04 Eureka 150 Forum at Grainery Lane, 8 PM

Facilitation and Visible Record by Kat Pengelly CTP
Recording and Tape transcription and Conversion of Chart by Nicholas Moll

i. Complacent acceptance of the way things are. "Better the Devil you know"

1. Rebellion against Dehumanization
a. Degrees of Rebellion. Ordered Activism. Chaotic Anarchy.
b. Economy above Humanity
c. Challenge the belief systems. Shift consciousness.
d. Evolution

ii. History

1. Sovereign Hill- Costumes and interested people.

2. Who are the Heroes? Who are the Villains?
a. Represent the positives and the negatives of both perspectives.
b. Team as a hero?
c. Group effort. Not solo.
d. Historic and Culture-based Heroes (Miners Reform League) against commercia-based heroes (Spiderman)

John Lennon
Gough Whitlam
Trent Reznor
Home and Away
South Park
Ancestral figures

4. Criteria For Heroism
People keeping dying arts alive.
Keepers of cultural lore.
Culture vs consumerism
Prevent Erosion.
Re-enchant the present.
Heal the ills.
Real and unreal.

iii. Youth

1. Talk to Drama, History and Art Teachers at High Schools to Engage Students.

2. The dawn walk re-enactment. Wendouree Primary School.
a. Convey empathy in contemporary context

iv. Courage in individuality

1. Right to be accepted by society
a. Pressure to be a clone
2. Authority
[Here we discussed a tactic being kept under wraps.]

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