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Blue Mountains Unions Council Inc.

Unionism, social justice, quality of life, solidarity, community, environment, workers rights, democracy, equality, fairness

(Project last updated 03 September 2003)
Place in Space: Australia: NSW: Blue Mountains
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The Blue Mountains Unions Council is a non profit community organisation that supports unionism and the rights of all working people. The BMUC has the following objectives:

To advance unionism, living standards, social justice, and quality of life

To assist in the protection of the rights of all working people

To act in concert with unions for the purpose of recruitment of members to unions

To act in solidarity with other community groups to develop policies that protect the environment

To liaise with other community groups with similar objectives

To support the election of people at local, State, and National level who will serve the best interests of working people

To print a newsletter for the dissemination of industrial, social, political, and environmental issues

To invite speakers to address the Council and the community on current issues

To publicise the activities of the Blue Mountains Unions Council in the media

The BMUC meets monthly at the Mountains Community Resource Network, San Jose St Lawson. Meetings are held on the first Sunday of each month commencing at 11am. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The Blue Mountains Unions Council also organizes a quarterly Politics in the Pub event. These events are held at Gearins Hotel, 273 Great Western Hwy, Katoomba. The next Politics in the Pub event will be held in November.

Many people wonder what unions stand for in these modern times and if they are still relevant. To which we answer an emphatic YES! Union values are Australian values. They are shared by many more in the community than just union members. Below is a summary of what we believe union values to be and what unions are all about.

Fairness, Equality & Opportunity In The Community
Unions believe in a democratic Australia, which values all citizens and their aspirations
Unions believe in the right of all citizens to employment and a decent standard of living - to a fair share of the nation's wealth
Unions believe that every Australian must have access to free, quality public health care and education, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances
Unions believe that families and individuals must be guaranteed decent minimum living standards through the social security and taxation systems
Unions believe that all Australians must have access to decent housing
Unions believe in the right of all Australians to a secure and dignified retirement
Unions respect the fact that indigenous Australians are the original owners of our land
Unions believe in a multi-cultural Australia
Unions believe in a sustainable environment
Unions are opposed to discrimination in all forms including that based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual preference and political beliefs
Unions believe that all Australians must be treated equally by the law, and have access to legal representation as a right
Unions believe that governments have a central role in ensuring fairness, equality and opportunity throughout the community
Union are committed to Australia's participation in international cooperation to promote peace, security, human rights and labour standards and prosperity through fair trading arrangements
Security And Fairness In The Workplace
Unions believe that workplaces should be safe, secure, healthy and free of harassment, intimidation, violence and discrimination
Unions believe that workers should have a right to a decent wage and fair working conditions
Unions believe that all workers have a right to secure employment and protection against unfair dismissal or unfair treatment by the employer
Unions believe that workers should have the right to join and be represented by a union
Unions believe that all employees should have the right to collectively bargain
Unions believe that workplace union representatives should have rights enabling them to carry out their role
Unions believe that unions should have the right to recruit, organise and represent workers
Unions believe that workers should be consulted and informed about issues affecting their employment
Unions believe that Australian businesses and their executives have a responsibility to engage in legal and ethical conduct and environmentally sustainable practices at all times with employees, stakeholders and the community
Unions believe that working parents must have access to good quality, affordable child care
Unions believe that working parents have a right to employment standards that enable them to manage work and family
Unions believe that working parents must have the time and opportunity to form and maintain relationships with their children which foster the child's development
Unions believe that officers and representatives of unions should conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this Statement of Australian Union Values.


The BMUC attempts to realise its objectives through liaison and communication with unions, community groups, politicians, and local media.
Our message is disemminated through our monthly newsletter "Union Speaks" and through our Politics in the Pub events.
We also participate in a range of community events and forums to raise the profile of unionism in the community.

People involved

Kerry Cooke - President
Jim Angel - Vice President
Patrick O'Beirne - Secretary
Mark Lutherborrow - Treasurer
Mark Gregory - Committeeperson
Nick Franklin - Committeeperson
Stephen Godfrey - Committeeperson

Contact Info for this Project

Contact : Blue Mountains Unions Council Inc.
Phone : +612 4754 1055
Fax : +612 4754 1055
Email : katcomms@hotmail.com
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